I was just twelve years old when I first stepped into my brother-in-law's jewellery shop. My fascination and passion for jewellery—the creation of sparkling, glamorous works of art—were born. I became a jeweller's apprentice in London's Hatton Garden straight from school, and studied diamond mounting and jewellery design at Sir John Cass College.

I have now been in the trade for over 24 years and have lost none of the joy of working with precious materials, the delight in the finished article, nor the look of pleasure when it is received.

I've always felt it important that my work captures and reflects the personality of the wearer and the occasion. To this end, I like to work with the client to develop a design. The challenge, which I relish, is to turn ideas into reality. Such challenges have ranged from a simple, stylish silver ring, to a golden tiara decorated with emeralds and diamonds for an Arabian princess!

Ethically Sourced


We use only quality white diamonds and are particularly concerned about where our materials come from. We use only ethically sourced diamonds, refusing to use 'conflict diamond', which are inexorably linked to human rights abuses and conflict in many parts of Africa.

Natural & Ethical Gemstones

As all of my designs are made in our very own workshop, I can select only quality, natural coloured gemstones. I use no Sapphires or Rubies from the military regime of Myanmar (Burma) on ethical grounds. I use only reputed gem dealers who keep a close check on the conditions under which their natural coloured gemstones are mined.

Pure & Ethical Metals

All of our jewellery is fully assayed and hallmarked. We support Oxfam's No Dirty Gold campaign and agree that while some mining may always be necessary, main metal extraction operations should always take place in recycling centres, rather than in nature reserves and native lands.